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SNAP Vet Robyn Palmer Cited by BARC's Ann Burke

SNAP Veterinarian Robyn Palmer was recently recognized by Ann Burke of the Houston Bureau of Animal Control (BARC) for her involvement in the BARC microchip scanning program. BARC recently began scanning cats and dogs entering the city shelter for implanted microchips. The microchips allow lost animals to be positively identified and returned to their homes, saving them from possible euthanasia. Dr. Palmer donated her time to train BARC veterinary technicians in the scanning procedure.

Ms. Burke praised Dr. Palmer saying, "I want to give a huge thanks once again to SNAP's vet, Dr. Robyn Palmer, who donated her time not once but twice to come out to BARC to conduct training sessions for all the employees in scanning procedures. She also gave demonstrations of injecting a microchip to BARC's two vets." Burke noted that "amazingly, the first microchipped dog was found one week after Dr. Palmer had the training sessions."

SNAP is proud to have Dr. Palmer on staff and commends her for donating her time to help make a difference in the lives of Houston area cats and dogs. SNAP offers the HomeAgain Microchip Idenfication System at its Houston Surgical Clinic and Houston Wellness Clinic.


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