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Microchipping - An animal may have had an identification microchip implanted beneath its skin. Most clinics and shelters now scan for microchips. A microchip greatly increases the chances that an animal can be reunited with its guardian. You can have your cat or dog microchipped at the SNAP Wellness Clinic or the SNAP Surgery Clinic (when having the animal sterilized). It's a smart idea to have your animal microchipped!
Rabies Tag Lookup - If an animal is wearing a rabies tag, it will usually have an ID number and contact information for the veterinary clinic where the animal was vaccinated. If you contact the clinic, they can usually look up the ID number to identify the animal's guardian. If the animal has a SNAP rabies tag, contact the local SNAP clinic in your area:
  Houston Clinic: Call 713-862-8001
  San Antonio Clinic: Call 210-673-7722 or send email to:
Shelters and Lost Animal Registries: Contact as many shelters and lost animal registries as you can. Many have links to other shelters and registries on their websites, so be sure to check for them.
Disclaimer: SNAP does not endorse the agencies listed below or insure their results. This list is provided as a convenience with the hope that it will help reunite people with their lost animals.
National Resources -- An animal registration service based on rabies tags. Animals can also be registered by license tags, microchips and tattoos. AWOLPET has other lost and found services as well. -- Multilingual registry of lost and found pets. -- National registry of lost and found pets

Houston Area Resources

Citizens for Animal Protection
Website has tips and information on how to report lost/found pets, but not all found pets are shown on website. You must go by the shelter.

Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care (BARC)
3200 Carr Street
Houston, TX 77026

Searchable at:

Harris County Animal Control
612 Canino, Houston
(281) 999-3191

Searchable at:

Houston Humane Society
14700 Almeda Road, Houston
(713) 433-6421

Adoptions only (no lost pets):

Houston Pet Page - "It's Right To Reunite"
Copperfield Lost And Found Pets in Northwest Harris County, including Katy, TX and Cypress, TX areas.

Houston Society for the Protection of Animals
900 Portway, Houston
(713) 869-7722
Not all found pets are shown on website. You must go by the shelter.

Searchable at:

Lost Pet Hotline -- Serving the Bear Creek, Copperfield, Hearthstone and Deerfield areas













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