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San Antonio/Bexar County Donors Meet the Challenge!

SNAP is thrilled to announce that our San Antonio/Bexar County donors have fulfilled the requirements of the challenge grant issued late last year by the Kronkosky Charitable Foundation and the Roger & Phyllis Sherman Foundation. Under the terms of the grant, each foundation agreed to match donations from San Antonio/Bexar County donors dollar-for-dollar up to a total of $35,000. Recently the total donations from this area exceeded that amount, making SNAP eligible to receive the full amount of the grant from each foundation. That’s $35,000 from each fund, which -- combined with donors’ gifts -- equals a whopping $105,000 that will go towards accomplishing the SNAP mission. SNAP is deeply grateful to our wonderful San Antonio/Bexar County donors for their support of this challenge grant and their dedication to helping end the destruction of healthy dogs and cats in their community.

San Antonio/Bexar County Challenge Grant

SNAP helped over 5,000 animals in the San Antonio area in 2005. The proceeds from this matching grant program will enable us to serve even more animals in the future as we seek to stop the destruction of healthy dogs and cats by increasing the availability and use of animal sterilization services.


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