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  San Antonio/Bexar County Donors Meet the Challenge! 
San Antonio, Texas, April 30, 2006

San Antonio/Bexar County Challenge GrantSNAP is thrilled to announce that our San Antonio/Bexar County donors have fulfilled the requirements of the challenge grant issued late last year by the Kronkosky Charitable Foundation and the Roger & Phyllis Sherman Foundation. Under the terms of the grant, each foundation agreed to match donations from San Antonio/Bexar County donors dollar-for-dollar up to a total of $35,000. Recently the total donations from this area exceeded that amount, making SNAP eligible to receive the full amount of the grant from each foundation. That’s $35,000 from each fund, which with donors’ gifts equals a whopping $105,000 that will go towards accomplishing the SNAP mission. SNAP is deeply grateful to our wonderful San Antonio/Bexar County donors for their support of this challenge grant and their dedication to helping end the destruction of healthy dogs and cats in their community.


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