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December 1, 2007

   Fashion Show Tickets Now on Sale!
    SNAP and PetSmart Charities Kick Off New Clinic
    Holiday Cards Going Fast
    Animal Aid Program Helps Houstonians with HIV/AIDS
    Two Organizations, One Goal
    Upcoming SNAP Events
    A Dog's Life by Hedda Hound
    New SNAP Grants
    Just a Few Reminders...
    Fabulous Felines by Madame Astrocat
    Quote of the Month

- 33,085 -

The number of dogs and cats helped because of your gifts
between January 1 and October 31 of 2007.
Since first established in 1994, SNAP has sterilized over 275,300 animals.

Fashion Show Tickets Now on Sale!
Brett Chisholm and Project Runway Winner Chloe Dao Raise Funds for SNAP


Click here for information

Project Runway fans and anyone with a serious interest in haute couture will want to be at the Brett Chisholm/Chloe Dao Fashion Show and Silent Auction. You will have to hurry though. Seating is strictly limited, and tickets were selling briskly at press time. The show will be a preview of Chloe Dao's personal couture line, featuring Elaine Turner handbags and Page Parkes Models. Dana Tyson and Marc Sherman of Sunny 99.1 will host the event. It benefits SNAP, so you will be helping stop animal overpopulation while you get your fashion fix. The show is being exclusively produced by Brett Chisholm and Elan Styles.

All the excitement takes place at Brett Chisholm Photography studios at 1304 Malone St. in Houston on Thursday, December 6, 2007. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Call 866-789-3686, ext. 3, to purchase your tickets today!  NO tickets will be sold at the door!

Generous sponsors for this event include:

     Brett Chisholm
     Chloe Dao
     Elaine Turner
     Paige Parkes Models
     Elan Styles
     Sunny 99.1
     Skirt! Magazine

SNAP and PetSmart Charities Kick Off New Clinic
San Antonio Clinic Funded by Nonprofit Organization’s Texas Spay/Neuter Initiative

SNAP Director of Development Laura Welch (center) with PetSmart Charities Vice President & Executive Director Susana Della Maddalena (left) and PetSmart Charities Communications Manager Paige Donnelly (right).

Representatives of SNAP and PetSmart Charities met in November to kick off the development of a new SNAP clinic offering reduced-cost spay-neuter surgeries in San Antonio, Texas. PetSmart Charities is funding the opening of the clinic as part of its multi-million dollar Texas Spay/Neuter initiative. The clinic will be at 6758 Ingram Rd. and will be open to the general public. In addition to reduced-cost sterilization surgeries, the clinic will offer wellness services including vaccinations, heartworm testing and preventative, flea and tick preventative, and microchipping. This clinic will significantly expand SNAP spay-neuter resources in the San Antonio area and help SNAP pursue its mission of ending animal overpopulation, especially in low-income areas. The clinic is expected to open early in 2008. Watch upcoming issues of SNAPtales for information on a planned grand opening celebration.

Holiday Cards Going Fast
Two Fun Designs by Artist Kermit Eisenhut Now Available

SNAP is excited to once again be offering Kermit Eisenhut holiday cards to our friends and supporters. We are selling the same adorable design we offered last year, but we have added a great new design this year as well. Kermit is a renowned Houston artist and has produced these delightful cards exclusively for SNAP. All proceeds go to benefit our spay-neuter programs, so your purchase will help fight animal overpopulation. We strongly recommend you buy your cards no later than December 10, 2007, so we can get them to you in plenty of time for you to mail them. The post office's mailing deadline is December 20, 2007. We have limited quantities, and once sold there will be no more this year, so it's better to buy yours today!

Click on the design of your choice to purchase cards from the SNAP website!

Holiday Road Trip design - Click to purchase!

Holiday Critters design - Click to purchase!

"Holiday Road Trip" Design

"Holiday Critters" Design

You get 12 cards in each package, so why not buy a package of each? They're just $13.86 per package plus $1.24 state sales tax and $2.50 shipping (a total of $17.50 per package). You can buy them on the SNAP website or by calling 713-862-3863. You can avoid the shipping charge by picking up your cards in person at the SNAP administrative office at 1001 West Loop South (the Xerox/AT&T building), Suite 110 between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. If you live outside the state of Texas, you can avoid sales tax charges by purchasing your cards by phone.

Animal Aid Program Helps Houstonians with HIV/AIDS
World AIDS Day Serves as Reminder of Role Companion Animals Can Play


 World AIDS Day

December 1, 2007, is World AIDS Day, a day we recognize the terrible toll that Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, have inflicted on our human family. Companion animals can play a major role in helping persons with AIDS cope with the emotional toll of the disease. Unfortunately the cost of treating this disease is enormous. It makes it more difficult for those afflicted to be able to afford sterilization and wellness services for their dogs and cats. SNAP has teamed up with AIDS Foundation Houston to address this need through our Animal AID Program. Under this program, Houstonians affected by HIV/AIDS qualify to have their animals sterilized for free at the SNAP Houston Spay-Neuter Clinic. Program participants also receive a free exam and a discount on wellness services at the SNAP Houston Wellness Clinic. The Animal Aid Program is funded by private donors including the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation which recently awarded SNAP a $1,500 grant for the program.

SNAP also works with AIDS Foundation Houston by sponsoring a team for AIDS Walk Houston. This event benefits more than 100,000 people affected by HIV/AIDS in the Houston area. AIDS Walk Houston 2008 takes place on Sunday, March 9, 2008. Details on how to join the SNAP team will appear in future issues of SNAPtales and on our events calendar.

Those who wish to enroll in the Animal Aid Program are advised to call 713-862-3863. Please ask to speak to Paul Hidalgo to find out how to qualify for the program.

Two Organizations, One Goal
Homeless Pet Placement League Teams with SNAP to Fight Animal Overpopulation


 Houston Mobile Clinic

SNAP and the Houston-based Homeless Pet Placement League (HPPL) share a common goal: both organizations want every dog and cat to be wanted and to have a loving home. Recognizing that this goal requires both placing homeless animals and preventing the birth of unwanted animals, the HPPL has graciously offered to fund a day of operations for the Houston mobile clinic on Wednesday, December 12, 2007. The mobile clinic will be at the PetCo at I-10 and Uvalde that day. The animals of qualifying low-income clients will receive free spay or neuter surgeries as well as free rabies vaccinations (if needed). Please see the mobile clinic's web page for information on qualifying.

The mobile clinic costs a considerable amount of money to operate, but each day it is in service, it spays or neuters between 22 and 24 cats and dogs. This in turn prevents the birth of scores or even hundreds of puppies or kittens in the future. SNAP is grateful to the Homeless Pet Placement League for its generous support of our mobile clinic program and our mission.

Upcoming SNAP Events

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Lake Jackson Spay-Neuter Clinic
The Houston mobile clinic will be in Lake Jackson for a special spay-neuter event thanks to funding from the Brazoria County Society for the Protection of Animals (SPCA).

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Brett Chisholm/Chloe Dao Fashion Show Benefiting SNAP
Houston's top professional photographer Brett Chisholm and Project Runway Winner Chloe Dao are holding a fashion show and silent auction benefiting SNAP. Tickets are on sale now!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Free Houston Cat Day
Get your cat spayed or neutered for FREE aboard our mobile clinic which will be at PetCo at I-10 and Uvalde. This event is generously funded by the Krumholz Foundation and is open to the public.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Houston Discount Cat Day
So you missed the free cat day? We will spay or neuter any cat for 20 percent off of our regular price at the Houston Spay-Neuter Clinic at 1603 Shepherd Dr. during this event. That's just $24 for a male or $36 for a female. An appointment is required!


Hedda Hound

Hello Darlings,

Is everyone getting into the holiday spirit? I sure am. The shopping rush is on, and everywhere there are decorations going up and festive events going on. The holidays are about more than just gifts and glitz though. They are a time to renew our spirits and reconnect with friends and loved ones. They are also a time to remember the importance of family. No one knows that better than Virginia, a shelter mutt who lives in the Verdant Acres subdivision. Her letter is long, but it tells an important story.

Dear Hedda,

I have a confession. I was an unwanted puppy. I was an "accident," as were all of my litter mates. Our mother (I'll call her "Mary") was much loved by her family, but they didn't believe in spaying and neutering. I'm not sure why. It doesn't really matter anyway.

One day Mary noticed that the gate of the yard had been left ajar, and she decided to go out and have a look around. She ended up getting lost for a little while and found herself in the company of a gentleman dog. She was a bit naive, and he was well-groomed and apparently rather charming. When Mary's family found her later that day, my siblings and I had been conceived.

When we were born, there was a lot of excitement in the house, and I heard the family talking about finding us all good homes. I ended up with an upwardly mobile professional couple. Being a pup, I had a tendency to chew on things. One day I heard the wife talking about her "Jimmy Chew" shoes. I figured that meant they were all right for me to chew on. Apparently I was wrong. She went ballistic when she found them. There was a lot of shouting between the wife and her husband. Two hours later I was taken to a shelter.

It was just before the holidays, and the shelter was packed. Lots of people came through looking for animals to adopt, but no one picked me. Hours passed, and then days passed. I became severely depressed and even cried. I couldn't help it. I felt so alone. One day I overheard the shelter workers going over a list of animals that would be euthanized the next day. I heard them say my name. Hedda, I was so sad I simply laid my head down and closed my eyes.

It was about 20 minutes before the shelter closed for the day when I heard a voice say, "Hey there, cutie!" I looked up to see a big man with a long white beard and a twinkle in his eye. Certainly he couldn't be talking to me, I thought, but he was. He had a shelter worker take me out of the cage. He said his name was Nick and that I was just the kind of pup he was looking for. The shelter worker asked him if he was getting me as a present for someone else. Nick said, "No, this angel is going to live with me."

He took me home that night, but I almost didn't dare to hope that he would keep me. I knew I still had this urge to chew on things, and chew on things I did. The first few times I did, Nick scolded me a bit, but then he just laughed. Soon he surprised me with a whole toy box full of chew toys. When I was a few months old, Nick took me to SNAP be spayed. That was two years ago.

Hedda, I shouldn't be alive. I was born by accident, and I landed in a shelter because I ended up with people who valued their shoes more than they valued me. I will never forget the night Nick rescued me, and I will be forever grateful to him. I just hope there are other people like Nick in the world, because there are a lot of dogs (and cats too) who aren't as lucky as I am. Please urge people to adopt from a shelter instead of buying from backyard breeders or pet stores. The shelters are full of wonderful dogs and cats that need a home.


Dear Virginia,

I can't do a better job than you have of telling people why they should adopt from a shelter. The world needs more people like your Nick. I think he's a saint. Tell 'em Hedda said so.

New SNAP Grants
A Monthly Review of New SNAP Grants

SNAP would like to express its appreciation to the following foundations and charitable trusts for their recent grant awards to SNAP:

    The Brown Foundation
    The Alfred S. Gage Foundation, Roxana C. Hayne & Joan N. Kelleher, Directors
    Amy Shelton McNutt Charitable Trust
    George and Fay Young Foundation

Just a Few Reminders...
A Few Things to Remember During This Busy Holiday Season


  When You GoodSearch, Cats and Dogs Win
Click to GoodSearch!

How often do you do a search on the Internet? If you're like many people, you do at least one every day. What if every search you did resulted in a donation to SNAP? When you choose as your search engine, it can!  Each search you do on GoodSearch results in a tiny donation. A tiny donation may not sound important, but when a lot of people are making tiny donations every day, they quickly add up. SNAP has earned $72.59 from GoodSearch so far in 2007. We can earn much more in 2008 with your help. Just go to, and specify SNAP as the nonprofit you support. (Be sure to pick SNAP in Houston, Texas. We are not affiliated with SNAP organizations in other locations.)


Shop Until Animal Overpopulation Drops

Click here to get a share card!

Do you shop at Kroger? Do you use a SNAP share card when you do? If you do, we want to thank you!  SNAP has earned $10,478.72 so far in 2007 from all of you who are using the cards! If you're a Kroger shopper and you are not using a Kroger share card, why not? You can download one off the SNAP website, or call 713-862-3863 and give us your name and address. We will be happy to mail you one!  SNAP also participates in Randall's Good Neighbor program, so you Randall's shoppers can help too. Just have the clerk at the customer service desk list the SNAP ID number, 2593, on your Randall's Good Neighbor Card. That's all there is to it. Thereafter, Randall's will donate to SNAP every time you make a purchase. While SNAP hasn't yet received a payment from the Randall's program, we thank those of you who already support SNAP through your Randall's purchases.


"Declare the Pennies on Your Eyes"

Donate before January 1, 2007!

The end of the year is almost here, and you know what that means, right? That's right... TAXES!  The end of the year means the end of opportunities to reduce your tax bill for income earned during 2007. Donate to SNAP before January 1, 2008, and you won't just do something good for cats and dogs, you might even cut your taxes!  Donations you make to SNAP (minus the value of any goods or services received) may be tax deductible. And wouldn't you rather see your dollars spent helping animals in your community?

SNAP cannot offer its donors tax advice, so be sure to consult a qualified tax accountant or the IRS regarding your own personal tax situation.

  SNAP Holiday Tree Shines at Houston's Alley Theater
2007 SNAP Holiday Tree at Alley Theater

The lobby of the Alley Theater in Houston is decked out for the holiday season, and the decorations include a gorgeous SNAP holiday tree!  The theater held its Deck the Trees Celebration on Saturday, November 17, 2007. SNAP was among a limited number of area companies and organizations invited to participate.

Each organization set up a tree that reflects its area of specialty. The SNAP tree features assorted kitty-and doggie-themed ornaments as well as lights, ribbons, and a SNAP logo or two. The base of the tree is surrounded by a half dozen miniature SNAP mobile clinics, all bringing the benefits of spaying and neutering to good little dogs and cats everywhere.

The SNAP tree adds to the cheer of the holiday season while it helps build awareness of the importance of spaying and neutering as the primary weapon in the fight against animal overpopulation. Go by and see it if you get a chance!

The trees will be on display through December 29, 2007. The Alley Theater is located at 615 Texas Ave. in downtown Houston. Please call the Alley Theater at 713-220-5700 for viewing hours.

Madame AstroCat

Dear Readers,

The holidays are here, and it’s that gift giving time of year. So, what are you getting your fabulous feline friends this year? Certainly you’re going to give us gifts, aren’t you? Of course you are! All year long we bring you pleasure, joy, and a sense of peace. Isn’t it only fair that you reward us during this oh-so-joyous season? I know some of you are thinking, “What kind of present do you buy for a cat?” Well, since you asked, here is Madame Astrocat’s holiday gift list to give you some ideas. Most of the items listed can be found at major pet stores or on the Internet:

A Laser Toy - Laser toys might sound pretty exotic (and pretty expensive), but actually they're quite reasonable.  A simple pointer type laser can cost as little as $5.00. More expensive varieties even provide their own motion. You just sit back and watch!  I guarantee you have never seen us more engaged than when we're trying to capture that glowing red dot that scoots across the floor and up the wall. It's a great way to give us some exercise and to let us indulge our fearless hunter instincts.

A Window Perch - Some of us cats spend a lot of time cooped up indoors. That makes looking out the window pretty special for us. Why not provide us with a custom made perch from which to do it? There are a number on the market to choose from. Some are even heated!

A Cat Stroller - What? Strollers for cats? Yes!  There are a variety of strollers for cats (and even dogs) manufactured by a variety of forward-thinking companies!  Now you can take your feline friends out for a stroll without trying to make us walk around at the end of a leash. The great majority of us just hate that, you know. We love getting out in the fresh air where we can smell new smells and watch the birds and squirrels though.

A Ball of Tinfoil - A toy doesn't have to cost a lot to be a lot of fun. Some of the best times I have ever had have been while chasing a crumpled up ball of tinfoil around the room. They're shiny, they bounce, and they make a satisfying "thwack" when batted. You probably won't even have to leave the house to come up with one.

A Cat Condo - Now I know you've seen these before. They consist of a series of platforms and hidey-holes covered in carpet material. They're a great place for a cat to hang out, and they give us something to claw besides your precious Ethan Allen sofa!  There are tons to choose from. If you are handy, you can even build one yourself.

Catnip - Don't overlook this perennial favorite. There's a reason it's a perennial favorite! I can't explain it to you. It's a cat thing. They're putting it into all kinds of little toys now. You can even grow your own or buy it in a can to spray on our other toys.

A Video You enjoy a good movie now and then, don’t you? So do we! Several companies are making movies for cats. Just pop one of these DVDs or VHS tapes into your player, and your cat will be entertained by a pounce-worthy parade of birds and small animals. Some companies even evaluate their videos with real cats to make sure they are as engaging as possible! (Madame Astrocat is normally against animal testing, but in this case she will make an exception!)

A Wand Toy - There are a zillion variations on the wand toy. All of them amount to a long stick with a string attached to the end and something tied to the end of the string. Some of them have feathers. Some of them have bells. Some of them have plastic balls. All of them have the potential for hours of fun for you and your cat. Best of all, you can even make your own. Experiment. Have fun. If you have kids, you can get them involved, too.

A Self-Cleaning Litterbox - Okay, this is more a gift for you humans than it is a gift for us, but if it gets our litterboxes cleaned more often, we might appreciate it too. There are several rather ingeniously designed boxes that almost (but not quite) eliminate the cleaning chore. Do your research so you can find the one that works best for you and your household.

A Cardboard Box - Here's another example that proves that a gift doesn't have to be expensive to be appreciated. We cats just LOVE nooks and crannies. A cardboard box can intrigue us to no end, especially if you cut an extra hole or two in it for us to peep through. It's something to explore, a place to hide, and a place to pounce from all rolled into one!

That's my Christmas list, and I'm sticking to it. Before I sign off and wish you all happy holidays, though, I want to warn you of some things not to give your cat. Avoid rubber bands, loose string, plastic bags, and tinsel decorations such as "icicles."  All can cause life-threatening problems if swallowed. Tacks and similar small objects are equally dangerous. Be sure to pick up any pills you may drop on the floor accidentally, too. Now, get out there and have a happy holiday season!

Quote of the Month

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." ~ Roger Caras

No-Birth is the First Step to No-Kill


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