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Cat Month Events Fix Over 400 Cats
Neuter Scooter and Make Love, Not Kittens Events Highly Successful


Over 400 cats were fixed during SNAP Cat Month! 

February was Cat Month at SNAP, and this year we spayed or neutered over 415 cats at two special events to commemorate the month. That's 415 cats in addition to the number fixed during the other operating days that month! The first event was called Make Love, Not Kittens and was for female cats only. This event, which saw the sterilization of over 60 cats, took place on Valentine's Day at our Houston Spay-Neuter Clinic. The second event was our annual Neuter Scooter for a Nickel event, which was for males only. Neuter Scooter took place on Spay Day USA, February 26, 2008, at our Houston and San Antonio stationary clinics and aboard our Houston Mobile Clinic. Over 350 cats were sterilized at these locations. That's a lot of cats to fix, but when the number of unwanted kittens they might have produced is considered, it is well worth the work.


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