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KUHF-FM Covers SNAP Efforts in Corridor of Cruelty

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Houston NPR affiliate KUHF-FM 88.7 recently covered SNAP efforts to address the plight of animals in Houston's infamous "corridor of cruelty." Six abandoned dogs were rescued from the area on Monday, February 23, 2009. Ms. Deborah Hoffman and SNAP trapped and sterilized the animals. Ms. Hoffman, who is a member of the PAWS Houston animal rescue organization, is arranging to place the animals in foster homes through that organization. PAWS will then attempt to find permanent homes for them. Only dogs deemed suitable for adoption can be rescued through the program, which is funded by a generous grant from the Glasgow Foundation. Three additional visits to the area are planned during the coming months.

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Another Group Tries to Save Dogs

The name "corridor of cruelty" was given to the area just inside the Houston City limits along U.S. Highway 59 near Little York due to the large number of animals abandoned there. Some were simply unloved and unwanted. Others are former fighting dogs who either didn’t measure up or who became too old or injured to be of value to those who abused them. Left to fend for themselves, they forage for food and breed indiscriminately. Until now there has been little hope for these animals. This program is creating a brighter future for at least a few of the animals caught in this grim zone of suffering.


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