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Lana Hughes Visits the Corridor with SNAP

Houston broadcasting icon Lana Hughes of KTRH 740 AM accompanied SNAP on our most recent visit to the Corridor of Cruelty and Neglect on Tuesday, April 28. See the video of her visit at:


Cute pup on board Houston mobile clinic awaiting surgery

A cute pup awaits surgery on the Houston mobile clinic at the corridor on Tuesday, April 28, 2009.

The corridor is an area in northeast Houston near the city limit where many abandoned animals roam searching for food and shelter. SNAP has undertaken a project in cooperation with Ms. Deborah Hoffman of PAWS Animal Rescue to trap and sterilized adoptable animals from the corridor. The PAWS organization is then placing the animals in foster homes and attempting to find permanent homes for them. The project is funded by a generous grant from the Glasgow Foundation.

SNAP is grateful to Lana and KTRH for the attention they are bringing to this dire situation and SNAP's efforts to address it.



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