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Meet the Newest SNAP Litter Buster!

Corridor Dog Presents Self for Spaying and Rescuing

Clients line up at the Houston mobile clinic at the Corridor of
Clients line up outside the Houston mobile clinic during it's April visit to the Corridor of Cruelty and Neglect.
An area in a Houston, Texas, neighborhood known as the Corridor of Cruelty and Neglect is so named because of all the roaming dogs in poor condition. This spot was brought to our attention by an animal rescue group known as PAWS. When the SNAP mobile clinic arrived one early Tuesday morning, there was a long line of people with their dogs and cats. There were also several representatives from PAWS with the dogs they had been able to catch in the neighborhood. The corridor dogs were to be spayed or neutered, given all their necessary shots, and then placed in foster care for adoption.

That morning as Judy Barnett, a SNAP staff member, was going down the line of people doing intake paperwork, she discovered a gray and black terrier mix all alone in line. No one had brought her. She just seemed to think this was a good place to be. Maybe she thought life would get better if she came here. She was named Daisy by the SNAP team because of her spirit, strength, and grace. Daisy waited patiently and boarded the mobile when it was her turn. Her gray turned out to be white after she was bathed.

Daisy went home with someone from the "Best Friends Furever" animal rescue organization -- another great group that finds homes for adorable adoptable dogs. We hope her dream of finding a forever home will come true soon.


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