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In This Issue July 1, 2012

   Enter Tails of Three Cities!
   Caplan Blogs, You Vote, Animals Win
   Momentum Porsche Event Raises $1,083
   SNAP and SpaySA Help Community Cats
   Please Renew, Kroger Shoppers
   SNAP Fixes 63 More Laredo Felines
   SNAP Veteran Susan Lamb to Retire
   Upcoming SNAP Events
   A Dog's Life by Hedda Hound
   New SNAP Grants

   Shampooch Dog Wash Raises $1,600
   Barks & Burlesque Benefits SNAP
   Fabulous Felines by Madame Astrocat
   Quote of the Month

- 20,694 -
The number of dogs and cats
helped by your gifts between
Jan. 1 and May 31, 2012.

SNAP has sterilized over

dogs and cats since being
founded in 1993.

Enter Tails of Three Cities!
Online Photo Contest Could Make Your Cat or Dog the Next Face of SNAP
Your dog or cat could be the next face of SNAP!
Click the graphic above to enter the Tails of Three Cities t-shirt contest today!

Your furry friend could be the next face of SNAP when you enter the Tails of Three Cities online photo contest. Submit an awesome photo of your animal, and then get your family and friends to vote for him or her. Winners will be the animals receiving the most votes in each of three Texas cities--Houston, Pasadena, and San Antonio. That means there will be six grand prize winners: a cat and a dog from each city! The winning photos will become the basis of artwork by artist April Murphy for a new SNAP t-shirt that will be on sale to the public on the SNAP website.

So what do you win? You win one t-shirt featuring your animal, of course. You will also receive a print of the artwork featuring your animal, and a SNAP gift bag. Winners’ images will be displayed in SNAP clinics, on the SNAP website, in SNAPtales--the monthly SNAP e-newsletter, and on SNAP social media sites (Facebook/Twitter). If you don’t win, the animals still do, because each vote cast for each entrant represents a dollar that will fund SNAP spay-neuter programs to reduce the number of unwanted animals that end up in shelters and on the streets.

It costs nothing to enter, and votes cost just $1 with a minimum purchase of five votes. Votes may be applied to one entry or spread over several entries. You also will have the opportunity to submit an additional donation when you upload your animal's picture, which will add votes to your entry's total. Handy share options right on your contest photo page make it easy to ask your friends and family to donate votes for your fur baby!

Artwork of winning animals will focus predominately on the animal’s face. Please take this into consideration when choosing a photograph to submit. You may enter one photo per animal. Please do not submit photos that depict more than one animal. No humans are allowed in the photo. The animal in the photo MUST be sterilized. Submissions depicting unsterilized animals will be disqualified. You must own the rights to the photo you submit. By entering, you grant SNAP the unlimited non-exclusive right to publish the photo you submit as well as your name and likeness. Photos that have appeared in SNAP publications are eligible, provided they have not been published elsewhere. Please see the Official Rules on the contest website for complete rules and prize package details.

The contest begins TODAY, Sunday, July 1, 2012, and ends at midnight on Tuesday, July 26, 2012, at 10 p.m. CST. Winners will be notified by email no later than Monday, July 30, 2012. The names of winners will be posted on the SNAP website, the SNAP Facebook page, and the SNAP Twitter profile on or about Friday, August 10, 2012.

Please send any questions about the contest to or call 800-762-7762 between 9:00 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday - Friday.

To learn more about SNAP and the fight against animal overpopulation, visit the SNAP website or our Facebook page or our Twitter profile.

Enter TODAY! The sooner you enter the more time you have to gather votes to make your beloved pup or kitty the new face of SNAP!

Caplan Blogs, You Vote, Animals Win

Momentum’s Diane Caplan Vies for $4,000 in Verizon/Modern Living Charity Contest
Diane Caplan speaking at 2012 Collars for a Cause Celebratio
Diane Caplan of Momentum Motorcars is blogging to help animals in the Verizon/Modern Living 4G for Charity Contest. Visit her page on the contest website to help her win $4,000 for SNAP spay-neuter programs!

Here is a really easy way you can help animals. Just follow and vote for Diane Caplan as she blogs and posts to social media from the new Samsung Galaxy Tablet. Caplan is one of four local competitors in the "4G for Charity: The Power Is in Your Hands" contest, and whoever wins will bring home $4,000 for the charity of his or her choice. Luckily for the animals in the communities we serve, she chose SNAP!

Ms. Caplan is the ecommerce and marketing director for Momentum Jaguar, Volvo, Porsche, and Porsche/Audi West in Houston. She and Momentum are also great supporters of SNAP. The contest is sponsored by Verizon and Modern Living.

To win the contest, Ms. Caplan must use the Samsung Galaxy Tablet via the Verizon 4GLTE network for social networking and blogging beginning July 2, 2012 (that’s tomorrow). She is up against three other Houston-area celebrities including disc jockey Madd Hatta, Chef Phillippe Schmit, and football player Owen Daniels. This contest is also taking place in Dallas, Atlanta, and Miami, with each city having its own winner. The July issue of Houston magazine will feature a four-page advertorial on the competition.

To vote, visit Diane's page on the contest website, and click on the "Vote" button at the bottom of her profile. When you do, you will also be able to enter a contest that could win you a Samsung Galaxy Tablet of your own, tickets to a VIP event at the end of the contest, and lunch with your favorite celebrity! Finally, be sure to share information about the contest with everyone you know so they can vote for Diane, too. You will be helping her fight animal overpopulation in the process!

Caplan plans to use the contest to tell followers about the work SNAP does and the importance of spay-neuter in combating animal overpopulation. She will also be talking about her experiences using the Samsung Galaxy Tablet and the Verizon 4GLTE network. Please vote for her and follow her posts because each person who does increases the chance that she will win $4,000 for SNAP spay-neuter programs. You can follow Ms. Caplan’s posts at any of the following social media sites:



SNAP is immensely grateful to Ms. Caplan for making us her chosen beneficiary for the contest and for the amazing support that she and Momentum provide for the animals.

Momentum Porsche Event Raises $1,083
Launch Event for New Porsche Boxster Benefits SNAP Spay-Neuter Programs
Scenes from Under a Boxster Blue Sky benefit for SNAP.

Sports car aficionados attending Under the Boxster Blue Sky--a launch event for the new Porsche Boxster at Momentum Porsche--donated $1,083 in support of SNAP spay-neuter programs on Saturday, June 23, 2012. Several SNAP staff, board members, and supporters were there to provide information about SNAP and to receive donations. Momentum Porsche is located at 10155 Southwest Freeway in Houston, Texas. Approximately two hundred guests were at the event, which featured a deejay, live music, icy margaritas, delectable nibbles, and a cigar bar.

SNAP is grateful to all who donated and especially to Momentum Porsche and Diane Caplan. Once again they have put the strength of their wonderful organization behind the SNAP mission to prevent the suffering and death of dogs and cats due to overpopulation and preventable diseases, especially in low-income areas.

SNAP and SpaySA Help Community Cats
Agencies Team Up on Best Friends Grant to Bring Spay-Neuter to Cats in 14 Zip Codes
SNAP joins with SpaySA to sterilize cats in 14 zip codes.

You SNAP has joined with SpaySA under a grant from Best Friends to spay and neuter community cats (ferals, strays, and other free-roaming cats) in 14 zip codes in the San Antonio area. Residents and volunteers trapping outdoor cats in any of the 14 selected zip codes may bring the cats to the SNAP clinic at 6758 Ingram Road to have them sterilized as long as they then return them to the original location where they were originally caught. The practice of sterilizing free roaming cats and releasing them back in the same location is called Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). This process has been found to be more effective at reducing the population of free roaming cats in a given area than removing the cats from the area completely.

The 14 selected zip codes that are eligible to participate in the program are listed below.

78201, 78207, 78210, 78213, 78221, 78223, 78227
78228, 78229, 78237, 78242, 78245, 78250, 78251

Residents caring for outdoor cats in these zip codes are encouraged to take the cats in to either SpaySA for free spay-neuter surgery or SNAP for our community cat package. This package includes spay-neuter surgery, a rabies vaccination, FVRCP (distemper) vaccination, and pain medication. Each cat will have the tip of one ear surgically removed so that he or she can easily be identified as a sterilized animal in the future. Some animals will also receive an antibiotic and/or parasite treatment, depending on the discretion of the veterinarian and the availability of supplies at the clinic.
No appointment is needed as long the cats are in a humane trap (one cat per trap, please). Covering the trap with a towel or sheet will reduce the stress for the cat.

The San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition (SAFCC) is offering to lend humane traps to those who have attended its free training classes. To borrow a trap, call the SAFFC helpline (210-877-9067) or send an email request to If you would like to attend the free class, you can find out more by visiting the organization’s website.

Residents of the 14 zip codes who have not attended the SAFCC's training course can borrow traps from Animal Care Services (ACS). ACS personnel will demonstrate how to operate the trap. Contact Bethany Heins, the Community Cat Program Coordinator, at 210-306-6126  or for more information. A refundable deposit is required to borrow traps.

SNAP surgery days are Tuesday and Thursday-Saturday. Please call ahead to make sure the clinic is open on your chosen day (210-673-7722). Intake takes place 9:00-10:00 a.m. Please let the receptionist know you are requesting free services under the program, and be ready to specify the zip code where the cats were trapped.

Extra services over and above the community cat package may be requested and paid for at the time of intake. You will pick up the cats the same afternoon. You will need to keep them in the trap until they have completely recovered from the anesthesia (usually overnight) and then release them in the same location where they were trapped.

Please Renew, Kroger Shoppers
Time to Renew Your Support for SNAP through the Neighbor-to-Neighbor Program
Kroger logo

Do you shop at Kroger? If you do, and you benefit SNAP through the store’s Neighbor-to-Neighbor program, we want to thank you and let you know that it’s time to renew your enrollment. If you are a Kroger shopper and do not currently benefit SNAP through the program, won’t you consider doing so? It’s super easy to do! All you have to do is get a Kroger Plus Shopper's Card (which is free) and let a cashier scan the bar code from the SNAP Neighbor-to-Neighbor customer letter to designate SNAP as your nonprofit of choice. Kroger will then begin tracking all of the money you spend in its stores when you shop. It will add up all of the dollars spent by every shopper who selected SNAP as his or her beneficiary and compare that total with the total dollars spent by those who selected other nonprofits. SNAP will then receive an equivalent percentage of a $1 million fund that Kroger has set aside for the program.

When you enroll, it enables you to help the animals every time you shop without costing you one penny more than you would already spend. How much might the dogs and cats benefit from this program? The 2011 program brought in $1,699.44. That will spay and neuter a lot of dogs and cats! Next year’s total could be much more but only if you decide to help. Please enroll (or re-enroll) in the program today. Don't forget to take the enrollment letter along so you can make SNAP your designated beneficiary.

SNAP Fixes 63 More Laredo Animals
San Antonio Mobile Clinic Makes Second Visit to Help Reduce Unwanted Births
SNAP team with members of Laredo Animal Protective Society.

The SNAP San Antonio mobile clinic team sterilized 63 animals during a visit to Laredo, Texas, on June 4-5, 2012. This total included 37 dogs and 26 cats. The trip was sponsored by the Laredo Animal Protective Society. One hundred prospective clients registered for that event, and 87 more were on a waiting list, so the people of Laredo definitely want to do the right thing. SNAP was excited to be able to help bring its high-quality, high-volume mobile spay-neuter clinic to the border town, if only for a few days.

The SNAP San Antonio mobile clinic team spayed 84 cats during an earlier visit to Laredo in May. That two-day visit was made possible when Gateway Gatos, a local feline welfare organization, obtained funding from the Laredo city council.

SNAP Veteran Susan Lamb to Retire
Houston Mobile Clinic Manager Has Served with Distinction since Agency’s Inception
Susan Lamb, right, assisting a mobile clinic client.
Susan Lamb, right, assists a mobile clinic client with the intake process. Susan is retiring after nearly 20 years of being the Houston Mobile Clinic Outreach Manager.

SNAP will lose a dedicated longtime employee in July when Houston Mobile Clinic Outreach Manager Susan Lamb retires. Susan has been with SNAP since it began as a program of the Fund for Animals organization in 1993. That makes her the longest serving employee in SNAP history. Her direction of the Houston mobile clinic program has made it one of the most successful mobile spay-neuter clinic programs in the country. Her efforts have been tireless, and while Susan was the program director, she never hesitated to go out into the field and work directly with SNAP clients to help them go through the qualification process. Administering the mobile clinic program also included such varied responsibilities as negotiating clinic locations and schedules; publicizing the monthly program schedule; coordinating special spay-neuter events; and managing program infrastructure, including mechanical upkeep, registration, and insurance of the clinic vehicle.

SNAP is sincerely grateful to Susan for her nearly two decades of hard work and her dedication to the idea that animals need not die needlessly while we have the power to prevent it through spay-neuter. We hope that all of our mobile clinic clients and all of the donors who have helped support the program over the years will join us in wishing her a happy and fulfilling future.

Upcoming SNAP Events
Friday, July 6, 2012 - Houston, TX
  Barks & Burlesque
This adult-oriented event by LGBT community entertainers benefits SNAP spay-neuter.
Saturday, July 7, 2012 - San Antonio, TX
  Wellness Hours at SNAP San Antonio
The SNAP San Antonio clinic at 6758 Ingram will open from 1-4 p.m. for wellness services.
Saturday, August 4, 2012 - San Antonio, TX
  San Antonio Pet Expo
Stop by the SNAP booth at the San Antonio Pet Expo and say hello!
Saturday, September 22, 2012 - All locations
  Strut Your Mutt
Join this virtual dog walk and you can raise money for SNAP without leaving your easy chair.

Hedda HoundHedda Hound Banner

Hello Darlings!

Are you all enjoying the summer? I hope so! The weather has been pretty hot lately, but it’s still fun to play outside during the cooler hours of the day. Nothing says summer like chasing around a ball and bat. You may be thinking a ball makes sense, but a bat seems a little large as fetching sticks go. I’m afraid I’m not talking about that kind of bat. I am talking about the kind that flaps about in the sky eating bugs late in the day. Many dogs, you see, find them irresistible as playthings--when they can get their paws on them. Unfortunately, bats (the flying kind) present a real danger to the canine breed. Read this month’s letter from Leo, a Labrador Retriever who lives in Leon, to find out why.

Dear Hedda,

You just never know what’s safe to play with anymore. My brother Lance and I are lucky enough to live with the same human family. A few weeks ago we were outside in our fenced backyard having a romp around dusk. Imagine our delight when a winged ball of fur fell out of the sky and started flopping around on the ground. We thought it had been dropped from heaven solely for our entertainment. Boy, were we ever wrong about that. A few minutes later our human friend Maria came outside and found us playing with our newfound toy. She absolutely freaked out! She took it away from us and wouldn’t let us play with it anymore. She went inside for a while, and we could see her through the window talking on her cell phone. Soon she came back outside, put leashes on both of us, and drove us to a veterinary clinic. It turns out our new toy was a bat, and bats can carry rabies. They had this one tested, and we were horrified to learn that this one was positive for the disease. Worst of all, Lance was overdue for his rabies vaccination. Well, long story short, both of us are now in cages so they can watch us for signs of infection.(A nice veterinary technician mailed this letter for me.)

I thought it was strange that they put me in a cage when I was not overdue for a vaccination, but it turns out that while rabies vaccinations may protect you from rabies, a small percentage of dogs can still contract the disease even after being vaccinated. All dogs are different--just as all humans are different--and like humans we may not always receive 100 percent protection from the vaccinations we are given. While this is a concern, I can tell you that I certainly feel better about my prospects than I do Lance’s. He’s in a cage a few feet away, and he is a nervous wreck. Maria feels even worse than Lance, if that’s possible.

Hedda, please remind humans how important it is to keep their dogs’ rabies vaccinations up to date. It turns out it is pretty gosh-darned important.

Sign me,
Rabidly Fearful

Dear Fearful,

You and Lance are certainly in a stressful situation. I sincerely hope you both end up being found free from rabies. It is a deadly disease for dogs. It can also be a deadly disease for humans, and it is possible for a human to contract it from both dogs and bats. You can’t be too careful when it comes to this terrible disease.

You are right to stress the importance of keeping one’s rabies vaccination (and other vaccinations) up to date. Letting a few days or weeks slip by without protection creates a window of risk that you and your family now realize is just not worth taking. I will also point out that it’s not a good idea for dogs to play outside alone during the evening hours when bats come out to feed. I am sure Maria wishes she had been there when the bat first appeared so she could have prevented you from getting to it in the first place. That’s water under the bridge now, but pointing it out could save other canines from going through the unpleasantness you are now experiencing.

Regardless of how things turn out, you have made the best of a bad situation by sharing your story. Now it is up to the guardians of other dogs to make sure they keep their pooches vaccinated. Your local SNAP wellness clinic is ready to help make that happen, and no appointment is required. Check the SNAP website for more information about the clinics and the wellness services they offer. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.
Tell ‘em Hedda said so!

New SNAP Grants
A Monthly Review of New SNAP Grants


SNAP would like to express its appreciation to the following foundations, charitable trusts, and corporations for their recent grant awards to SNAP:

    Banfield Charitable Trust, $5,000
    The Alfred S. Gage Foundation, $1,000
    Jacob and Terese Hershey Foundation, $3,500
    Houston Pet Set, $3,000
    Selz Foundation, $12,000

Shampooch Dog Wash Raises $1,600
Event Total Surpasses 2011 Total by $500 Thanks to Hard Working SNAP Volunteers
Some of the wonderful volunteers who made Shampooch a succes
These are some of the wonderful volunteers who helped make Shampooch 2012 a success. This team worked at the Bellaire location of Whole Foods Market.

Dozens of hard working SNAP volunteers generated $1,600 in funds for SNAP by washing and pampering lucky dogs at the Shampooch dog wash on Saturday, June 2, 2012. This is our second Shampooch event, and this one raised $500 more--and washed more dogs--than the 2011 event, so it was a success by any measure. The success of the event is a tribute to you who answered our call for help and to our event partners. The latter included Pet Paradise, Frenchie’s Kitchen, Rosie and Friends, and Whole Foods Market. Rosie & Friends donated its natural allergen-free dog shampoo and lavender calming drops to get the dogs bathed and soothed. Pet Paradise provided tons of towels for drying off the freshly laundered pups. Frenchie’s Kitchen provided its natural dog food products and a bandana for each animal. Whole Foods Markets hosted the event at its six Houston-area locations and provided tents, water, and hoses.

There was a suggested donation of $10 per animal, but many people gave more. A number of passers-by without dogs donated as well. The funds raised will go to support SNAP efforts to reduce the number of dogs and cats that die in shelters.

SNAP is grateful to all of you who volunteered for Shampooch and to Whole Foods Market, Pet Paradise, Frenchie’s Kitchen, and Rosie and Friends for their contributions to the great success of this event!

Barks & Burlesque Benefits SNAP
Gia Elektra Presents LGBT Community Fundraiser in Support of Spay-Neuter
Gia Elektra Presents: Barks & Burlesque, benefiting SNAP

SNAP is excited to announce that Houston entertainer Gia Elektra has organized Barks & Burlesque, an LGBT community burlesque-themed fundraiser, to benefit SNAP spay-neuter programs. Ms. Lana Blake has graciously offered to fill the role of hostess and emcee for the event. The show will also showcase the talents of Ms. Elektra herself as well as Regina Dane, Steffany Vaun, Tarina, Nikkita Elektra, Lexi Wade, Padme Down, and Ashleey Houston. Ms. Houston holds the title of 2012 Miss Gay Pride Houston. A special appearance will be made by Cobain. Funds will be raised through donations made by attendees in appreciation of each entertainer’s performance.

Barks & Burlesque promises to be a fun and exciting evening. Showtime is at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, July 6, 2012, at Tony’s Corner Pocket, which is located at 817 W. Dallas St. in Houston. Please note that this event is oriented towards mature and open-minded audiences.

SNAP wishes to express its gratitude to Ms. Gia Elektra, Ms. Lana Blake, Tony's Corner Pocket, and all of the other entertainers who are devoting their valuable time and energy to make the show happen and--most importantly--to raise much needed funds to help fight animal overpopulation.

Madame AstroCat[object Object]

Dear Readers,

It’s an intense summer, is it not? The heat seems unbearable and the nastiness of the upcoming election is enough to make anyone run for cover. How about we focus on something light-hearted for a change? You often hear about how people look like their dogs, but how many people look like cats? Quite a few do, if the results of Madame Astrocat’s Internet search are any indication! Just take a look at my Top Ten List of People Who Resemble Cats or cats who resemble people, depending on your point of view!

10. Winston Churchill -
Winston Churchill was the prime minister of Great Britain during World War II. He was a great man who helped lead that nation through the horrors of war with Germany. His face is often compared to that of a bulldog, but he also happens to look like certain cats. Take a look and see what you think.

9. Adolf Hitler -
  We couldn’t put Winston Churchill on this list and not  include his World War II nemesis, Adolph Hitler. Besides, it seems like there are dozens if not hundreds of cats that look like they could be the feline reincarnation of the brutal dictator. I can assure you, however, that this cat is not as mean and evil as Hitler was.

8. Voldemort -
While we are on the topic of monsters, did you ever imagine that there might be a cat that looked like the fiendish villain from the Harry Potter films? Well, unfortunately for one poor kitty, there is.  The cat in question was mistreated early in life, which is how he ended up with his strange looks. The good news is that he now has a happy home.

7) Martin Scorsese -
We segue from film character to film director with our next selection. This director has brought us such films as Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, and Hugo. He also has a long resume as a producer, making him as multitalented as Madame Astrocat! His eyebrows make him look like yet another cat.

6) James Carville -
While I am generally trying to avoid politics with this month’s list, I didn’t think anyone would mind if I included James Carville, especially since he’s not a politician himself. Besides, there is a cat out there that looks just like him!

5) Groucho Marx -
Groucho was a member of a zany comedy team called the Marx Brothers. They really were brothers, and they were all funny, but Groucho was the standout. He was notable for both his keen wit and his razor-sharp intelligence. While he lived a long life and died decades ago, we could sure use him right now. We will have to make do with an adorable kitten that bears an uncanny resemblance to him instead.

4) Wilford Brimley -
If you don’t know who Wilford Brimley is, you must be under the age of 12 or not own a TV. The man has appeared in countless films and television shows over the past 30 years, and now he appears to have taken the form of a cat. Seriously, has anyone seen Wilford and this cat at the same time?

3) Anderson Cooper -
Cooper is an accomplished journalist with his own show, Anderson Cooper 360, on CNN. He is the son of American socialite Gloria Vanderbilt and was long considered a heartthrob by many women. Unconfirmed rumors that he is gay have likely squelched some romantic dreams of him while no doubt kindling others. Either way, he is considered unattainable, but maybe you would settle for a kitty that looks like his twin brother?

2) David Bowie -
The original chameleon of rock has had countless different personas, and some have been quite cat-like. He owes his otherworldly looks--in part--to the fact that his eyes are two different colors. Many cats have different colored eyes, but one even has the same slender jaw and aquiline nose as the thin white duke.

1) Clint Eastwood -
This legendary actor has brought such characters as Josey Wales, Harry Callahan, Bronco Billy, and Tom ‘Gunny’ Highway to life in a career that has spanned seven decades. He’s getting a bit craggy these days, but after all the films he’s been in, he’s entitled to look a little rough. So what excuse does his feline doppelganger have?

Quote of the Month
"I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through." ~ Jules Verne

No-Birth is the First Step to No-Kill


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