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In This Issue July 1, 2013
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Pasadena Provides Free Spay-Neuter
City Issues Vouchers to Low-Income Residents for Free Surgery at SNAP Clinic
Flyer for City of Pasadena spay-neuter voucher program.
For a limited time, the city of Pasadena, Texas, is offering free spaying and neutering for the dogs and cats of low-income residents. This offer is good for qualifying Pasadena, Texas, residents only. To take advantage of the offer, you must apply for a voucher and provide proof that you meet the financial qualifications, which can be found on a flyer that has been issued by the city. You can download a copy of the flyer from the SNAP website. After you have completed the application, return it to City of Pasadena Animal Control and Adoption at 5150 Burke Rd., Pasadena, Texas 77504. (Please do not return it to SNAP.)

Each voucher entitles you to have one animal spayed or neutered at the SNAP Pasadena Spay-Neuter and Animal Wellness Clinic. The clinic is located at 913 Shaw, Pasadena, Texas 77506. You can find full instructions on the flyer. If you have questions regarding the program, please call the city at 281-991-0602.

This offer won’t last forever, so if you live in Pasadena and want to have your dog or cat spayed or neutered FOR FREE, download the flyer and apply for your voucher today!
Strut Your Mutt News Flash

Best Friends Animal Society Offers More Reasons to Walk for Spay-Neuter!
Join the SNAP pack at Strut Your Mutt on Sept. 21, 2013!
Best Friends Animal Society’s Strut Your Mutt dog-walkathon has just announced a new reason to walk the walk! Each "pack" that has at least 10 members who have raised at least $100 each--above and beyond their registration fees--will be entered in a drawing to win an additional $500 for the pack’s organization. Note that couples count as two people, so they must have raised $100 each for their totals to qualify.)

Best Friends has also announced that ten packs will be randomly selected for an additional $500 prize. The only requirement is that the pack has been formed by July 1, 2013. The SNAP pack was formed in May, so it is already qualified. The two additional awards could mean a total of up to $1,000 more we could bring home to help fund spay-neuter! We can’t do it without your support, so if you haven’t already signed up for the SNAP pack, do it today!

Participating couldn’t be easier: First, register for the walkathon as a member of the SNAP pack. Second, ask your friends and family members to sponsor you (and your four-legged friend). Third, show up at T.C. Jester Park on Saturday, September 21, 2013, for a literal walk in the park! The walk will be followed by a festival that includes pet contests, photos, treats for the dogs, refreshments, and more. TC Jester Park is located at 4201 West T.C. Jester Blvd., Houston, TX 77018.

If you don’t live in Houston or don’t have a dog, you can still participate because Strut Your Mutt also includes a virtual walkathon. You still sign up for the SNAP pack, and you still recruit sponsors. The difference is that on the day of the walk, you don’t walk (unless you want to). Regardless of whether you do the virtual walk or the actual walk, the funds you raise will go to fight animal overpopulation.

To sign up, visit the event website, tick the box to "Join a Dog Pack (existing team)," and then select Spay-Neuter Assistance Program from the drop-down menu. (Both of these controls appear after you tick the appropriate box in the "Participant Type" section of the registration page.) Do that so SNAP will receive every penny you raise including your registration fee (minus minimal transaction fees). The registration fee is $30 for adults or $50 for couples. Children 12 and under can participate for free. Virtual walkers pay only $10. Adults participating in the Houston event will receive a Best Friends Strut Your Mutt t-shirt to commemorate the day. (Children can also get a t-shirt for a $20 registration fee.) Virtual walkers are not eligible for a shirt. Register today and prepare to get your walkies on!

Houston is one of 11 major cities where the Strut Your Mutt is being held. SNAP benefits from it because we are a No More Homeless Pets Network partner. If SNAP gets more team members than any other Houston-area partner, Best Friends will chip in an additional $1,000. There are so many ways this can be a win-win for the animals, but it only happens if you help! Please sign up today!
Free Spay-Neuter for 77087 Cats
PetSmart Charities Funds Program to Help Cats in Southeast Houston Neighborhood
PetSmart Charities funds FREE spay-neuter for cats in 77087!
Thanks to the generosity of PetSmart Charities, Inc., you can have FREE spay-neuter services for your cat if you reside in 77087 zip code! The service includes a free rabies shot to protect your kitty against that dangerous disease. To qualify for the free program, you must present a photo ID proving residency. Services will be provided by appointment only at the Pasadena Spay-Neuter and Animal Wellness Clinic at 913 Shaw, Pasadena, Texas 77506.

The number of free spots is limited, so request your appointment as soon as possible! You can request an appointment via the SNAP online appointment request system. You can also request an appointment or get additional information by calling the clinic at 713-343-1700.

SNAP is grateful to PetSmart Charities, Inc., for funding this wonderful program. If you live in the 77087 zip code, we urge you to request an appointment TODAY!
Kroger Shoppers: Help the Animals!
Good Neighbor Program Donates to SNAP with Every Purchase You Make
Kroger logo
If you are a Kroger customer, you can help SNAP spay-neuter programs every time you shop through the store’s Good Neighbor Program. The best part is, it doesn’t cost you a penny extra! All you have to do is to register SNAP as your charity of choice on your Kroger Plus card, then scan the card each time you check out. If you don’t have a Kroger Plus card, you can get one at the customer service desk at any store. Once you have a Kroger Plus card, you can make SNAP your charity by registering on the Kroger Community Rewards website, and entering the SNAP NPO number: 80407. (If you forget the NPO number, you can also look up SNAP by name or pick it from a list on the website.) Once you confirm your selection, you will see "Spay-Neuter Assistance Program" listed on the right side of the page. This indicates that your selection has been successfully recorded. All that remains is to scan your Kroger Plus Card each time you shop.

How can your purchases benefit SNAP without costing you money? Kroger sets aside one million dollars of profit each year for the program. This money is divided among all of the registered charities at the end of the program year (usually in April) based on the total amount of purchases made by participating shoppers. All you have to do is register SNAP as your charity and shop as usual. Of course, if more people participate on behalf of SNAP, it means Kroger will be sending more money for spay-neuter down the road, so tell your family and friends to make SNAP their Kroger Good Neighbor program beneficiary as well! The animals will love you for it!
A Dog’s Tale for Kids Benefits SNAP
A Portion of the Proceeds from Sale of Pickles at the World Cup E-book Benefit SNAP
Posey Parker, Pickles, and Hans autographing Ms. Parker's eb
Posey Parker, right, signs her children's e-book Pickles at the World Cup. Pickles and Hans, who are stars of the story, offered their "paw-tographs."

SNAP is excited to announce that children’s book author Posey Parker has decided to make SNAP a beneficiary of sales of her new e-book: Pickles at the World Cup. The book is based on the true story of a dog name Pickles, who helped recover the soccer world’s most prestigious award, the Jules Rimet World Cup, after it was stolen from Westminster Central Hall in London in 1966. It seems the thief had wrapped the cup in newspaper and buried it under a hedge in a garden in the suburb of South Norwood. He then sent a ransom note to the local police for £15,000 (the equivalent of about $42,000 in 1966 dollars).

Ms. Parker, a Houston-area children’s author, was inspired by the story and decided to make it the focus of her newest e-book. The book is available through iTunes for Apple devices and through for Kindle and Nook.

Ms. Parker is donating 10 percent of sales to animal-related charities including SNAP! She held a "signing" event for the e-book with Pickles and Hans--another canine character in the story--paw-printing copies for fans at the Houston Dynamos soccer stadium. Pickles and Hans in this case are not the original dogs from the true story but canine actors that represent them in the e-book. Watch our event calendar for upcoming signing events at SNAP clinic locations!

Volunteers Clean Up at Shampooch
June Dog Wash Fundraiser Raised over $2,200 for SNAP Spay-Neuter Programs
SNAP volunteers bath a grateful pooch at Shampooch!
SNAP volunteers at the Whole Foods Market in Bellaire give a grateful canine the Shampooch treatment. The event raised over $2,200 for SNAP spay-neuter programs.
Dozens of dogs were polished, primped, and preened at the 2013 edition of Shampooch, and over $2,200 was raised for SNAP spay-neuter programs in the process! The annual dog wash event was a collaborative effort between the Houston area Whole Foods Markets, Pet Paradise, Rosie & Friends Bath and Skincare for the Natural Dog, Frenchie’s Kitchen Dog Food, and our incredible volunteers. The fundraising was kicked off with a generous check for $250 from Frenchie’s Kitchen!

Our volunteers were out in force for the event--including a considerable number of young people who showed that they could work just as hard as any adult! The funds raised will help some deserving dogs and cats get spayed or neutered--thus preventing them from giving birth to unwanted puppies and kittens. Shampooch took place at all seven Houston-area locations of Whole Foods Markets on Saturday, June 8, 2013.

SNAP wants to thank everyone who brought their dogs out to be washed and those who donated even though they didn’t have a dog washed. We also want to offer a big "thank you" to our volunteers for their hard work and to Rosie & Friends Bath and Skincare for the Natural Dog, Frenchie's Kitchen, Pet Paradise, and all seven Whole Food Markets. Shampooch was a big success for SNAP and, especially, for the animals; and it’s all thanks to YOU!
SNAP Wins Hometown Hero Award
Thanks to You, SNAP Gets $5,000 for Spay-Neuter from Halliburton and Houston Texans
SNAP is a Halliburton/Houston Texans Hometown Hero!
Thanks to your nominations and support on Facebook, SNAP has won one of ten 2013 Houston Hometown Hero awards sponsored by Halliburton and the Houston Texans. Better still, we were among the top three vote earners! This means that SNAP will be receiving a $5,000 donation from Halliburton when the 2013 football season officially kicks off. SNAP will also be the subject of a radio interview produced by the Texans to air on Monday, July 15, 2013, between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.

The $5,000 will enable SNAP to continue with our mission to prevent the suffering and death of dogs and cats due to overpopulation and preventable diseases, especially in low-income areas. Thanks to all of you who devoted your time and effort to helping SNAP win this award! A complete list of the 2013 Hometown Heroes can be found on the Houston Texans website.
Upcoming SNAP Events
Saturday, September 21, 2013 - Houston, TX
  Strut Your Mutt
Come strut your mutt with SNAP, and helping animals will be a walk in the park! Details to come.

Hedda HoundHedda Hound Banner

Hello Darlings!

Have you heard about microchips? Maybe you have a friend who has been "chipped" or maybe not? If you are wondering what they are, and what they are good for, read this month’s letter. It’s  from Santiago, a Shepherd mix from San Antonio.

Dear Hedda,

I was down at the bark park with my homo sapien friend Sandra a few days ago, and this dog named Clouseau told me a story I found hard to believe. He said that you can now get a computer chip implanted into your body that identifies who you are and has contact information for your human family. If you ever get lost and end up at a clinic or shelter, they can read the chip and use the information to help you get back home. That sounds like something out of a James Bond movie to me. I mean, it’s not real, right?

Sign me,
Doubtful Doggie

Dear Doubtful,

Doubt no more! Microchips are real, and they work. A recent example involving a kitty cat right there in San Antonio proves it. Little Oreo had recently moved to San Antonio with his human family. He was out for a walk around the new neighborhood one day when he realized he didn’t know how to get back home. His family noticed the cat was missing, and they went looking for him but were unable to find him. They were really worried because Oreo has a history of respiratory disease. His family was concerned about him not getting his medication if his condition flared up. Luckily they had gotten a microchip for Oreo back before they moved.  They contacted the microchip company to report that Oreo was missing.  They left detailed information on his coloration and medical history.

Meanwhile about four months ago, a SNAP client had noticed a new black and white cat among other cats in her neighborhood. She had decided to take part in the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary community cat program that is funding spay-neuter for free-roaming cats in San Antonio. She brought in three neighborhood cats to the SNAP clinic on Friday, June 14. As part of the intake procedure, SNAP Animal Assistant Stephanie Funari scanned each kitty to check for a microchip. Lo and behold, one of them was Oreo! Stephanie then called the microchip company and found out that the kitty had been reported missing six months earlier!  The microchip company provided SNAP with the registration information for the cat, and Stephanie contacted Oreo’s family. Soon Oreo was reunited with her long lost human friends, all thanks to a cunning little device called a microchip.

In case you are wondering, microchips are not just for cats. They have them for dogs too, and they work exactly the same way. Having a microchip isn’t a guarantee that you will get back home if you ever become lost, but Oreo will tell you that it sure can help! They’re not terribly expensive either, so tell your human friends to get you one. If they do, and you ever go missing, you will be more likely to get back home safe and sound. Tell ‘em Hedda said so!

New SNAP Grants
A Monthly Review of New SNAP Grants


SNAP would like to express its appreciation to the following foundations, charitable trusts, and corporations for their recent grant awards to SNAP:
    George and Mary Josephine Foundation, $5,000
    Keith and Mattie Stevenson Foundation, $5,000
    Best Friends Animal Society, $11,800
    Bob & Vivian Smith Foundation, $1,030
    J. Harry Tappan and Winnie C. Tappan Perpetual Charitable Trust, $5,000 >
    Tri-City Animal Sanctuary, $11,500
    Laredo Animal Protective Society, $5,000
    Project Companion, $5,000
    Castroville Nip & Tuck, $4,600
    Jacob and Terese Hershey Foundation, $4,000
    Lost Pawses, $3,500
    Best Friends Animal Society, $3,100
    Scout's Honor Rescue, $2,250
    Carl E. Kessler Family Foundation, $1,500

Scouts Honor Sponsors Spay-Neuter
Rescue Agency Helped SNAP Remove 27 Animals from the Breeding Population
Dana Dicker of Scout's Honor with SNAP (now known as Scout).
Dana Dicker of Scout's Honor Rescue with Snap, now known as Scout. The stray was taken in by Scout's honor and has now found a forever home.
Scout's Honor Rescue, a Houston-area rescue agency that helps both dogs and cats, recently teamed up with SNAP to sponsor and support a mobile spay-neuter day that saw 27 dogs and cats sterilized. The total included eight male dogs, eight female dogs, three male cats, and four female cats.  The event took place at the Spring Branch Family Development Center at 8575 Pitner Rd. on May 14, 2013.

During the event, a stray unneutered male dog happened upon the site. He had no tags or collar but was very friendly. He was quickly given the name "Snap," and it was decided that he would be neutered aboard the mobile clinic and then taken to the Scout's Honor Rescue facility and put up for adoption. It didn't take long for a loving forever home to be found for him, and his new family has renamed him "Scout!"

Thanks to Scout's Honor, there will be 27 fewer animals giving birth to unwanted puppies and kittens in Spring Branch, and they are sponsoring another spay-neuter event in August! The Scout's Honor website says that the organization provides "Courage, Character, and Compassion to Houston's Homeless Pets." They certainly proved the truth of that statement with their sponsorship of this event! SNAP is grateful to Scout's Honor for its generous support!
Clinic Wins Chamber of Commerce Award
Recently Opened SNAP Clinic in Pasadena, Texas, Honored as Renovation of the Month
SNAP Pasadena Clinic receives Renovation of the Month award!
Representatives of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce present SNAP Pasadena with the coveted Renovation of the month award!
The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce has recognized the recently opened SNAP clinic in that city with their coveted Renovation of the Month award. The award was presented by members of the chamber at the clinic on Wednesday, June 5, 2013. SNAP is very pleased to have been selected for this honor.

The new clinic, which opened in November of 2012, is located at 913 Shaw. The facility was designed by Neos Architects of Houston, Texas. We are grateful to the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce for this prestigious award!
Madame AstroCat[object Object]
Dear Readers,

Cats are serious business. Am I right? Of course I am. It should come as no surprise then that cats frequently show up in corporate logos. So what makes for a good cat logo? It must be clever, like a cat. It must be elegant, like a cat. It must also be a bit adorable, like a cat! So then, what are Madame Astrocat’s top ten cat logos? I thought you would never ask. Read on, and be sure to follow the links to see these clever bits of graphic art.

10. CAT - This logo by Hungarian designer Peter Vasvari incorporates the image of a cat into the letters that spell the word "cat." The style is bold and modern, and the logo is for sale. See it at:

9. Secret Cat Society - This logo, created by Eagle Imagery, has a mysterious feel to it and features a stylized kitty silhouetted against a moonlit night sky. An appropriately creepy font spells out the company name. See it at:

8. csscat  - This logo renders the outline of a cat using a series of colorful geographic shapes. It was created by a web designer who markets services under the csscat brand. See it at:

7. HJ Mews  - Online retailer HJ Mews had this logo created for their online retail operations. It combines a modern look with delightfully retro styling cues. See it at:

6. Cat Adoption Team - Jeff Fischer LogoMotives produced this log, which takes a similar approach to the CAT logo above but includes a few more feline cues while still being highly stylized. See it at:

5. Skeezos - Does your cat have to be in the middle of everything? This logo for a pop band captures that kitty quirk by planting its subject in the middle of the band's name. It was created by designer ideoma. See it at:

4. GATOSAPATO - The word means "catshoe," and that's what the logo depicts. It's a clever graphical juxtaposition of a pump and a stretching feline. See it at:

3. B.A.S.T. - A young lady who goes by GoddessYsaria on created this logo for a dance company in which she participates. It pays homage to the ancient Egyptian cat god, Bast, and is rendered in an evocatively ancient way. See it at:

2. Black Cat - We return to the work of Peter Vasvari with this logo. It is a classic example of a cleverly rendered logo that incorporates the image of a cat using only the most minimal visual cues. See it at:

1. Chessie - I wrap up the list with what is perhaps one of the most recognized cat logos in the world. While it is no longer in use, the Chessie logo of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway started out in the 1930s as a realistic representation of a sleeping kitten and evolved into a stylized rendering of the same image that was seen throughout the country on countless Chessie System railroad cars up through the mid-1980s. See the original logo at: The stylized version can be seen at:

Quote of the Month
"If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience." ~ Woodrow Wilson

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