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Houston Mobile Clinic phone number: 713-862-3863 x210
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SNAP's Houston Mobile Clinic was the first free spaying and neutering clinic on wheels developed in the U.S.  SNAP's flagship mobile clinic delivers high-quality spay and neuter services for animals in low-income neighborhoods where cost, transportation and the lack of veterinary services are obstacles to obtaining animal healthcare.

NOTE: The SNAP Houston Mobile Clinic is funded by the city of Houston and Harris County. Harris County residents receive priority on mobile clinic days funded by Harris County (includes all incorporated municipalities such as Houston and Pasadena). Houston residents receive priority on mobile clinic days funded by the City of Houston. If you are not a resident of Houston or Harris County, please contact your local animal control and city council members to encourage them to fund bringing SNAP to you.

Thanks to funding from the Ft. Bend County Commissioners Court, the Houston Mobile Clinic is now visiting sites in Ft. Bend County 1-2 times
each  month. The clinic will be stationed at different locations in the community. You can find out where it will be by checking the table of Ft. Bend County Spay-Neuter Dates you will find at the bottom of the mobile clinic schedule page.

Standard of Care:
SNAP believes that all animals should receive the highest quality veterinary care possible, regardless of whether the services rendered are for free or at reduced-cost. All SNAP facilities use state of the art instruments and equipment. All spay/neuter surgeries are performed by qualified doctors of veterinary medicine, and all animals entrusted to SNAP are attended to before and after surgery by trained veterinary technicians.

PLEASE NOTE: Free services are available ONLY to animals in income-qualified families. The mobile clinic does not serve those who are not on public assistance; however, low-cost services are available to the general public at the SNAP Spay-Neuter and Animal Wellness Clinic.

Qualifying for Services:
To qualify for free services, clients must bring Texas-issued identification and proof of participation in one of the following needs-based public assistance programs:

Children's Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) Major VA Disability
Food Stamps Medicaid
Free Lunch Program (Public Schools) Social Security Disability (SSD)
 Harris Heath System Eligibility Program  Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for
Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)
HUD Section 8 Housing Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) - Formerly AFDC

What to Expect/Limitations:

Free spaying and neutering is available on the SNAP mobile spay-neuter clinic to qualifying residents of the county or city that provides the funding on a given day. The clinic accepts as many as 24 dogs and cats for sterilization each day.
lients are selected from a RANDOM LOTTERY which is held at 6:30 a.m. when the SNAP advance team arrives on-site. PLEASE ARRIVE BEFORE 6:30 A.M. TO BE PRESENT FOR THE LOTTERY. THE RESULTS OF THE LOTTERY WILL DETERMINE YOUR PLACE IN LINE.
We normally accept only one animal per household per day, though we may accept more if we still have space after all clients have been served. Unfortunately, due to space limitations, there are often more clients and animals at each site than we are able to serve. The clinic has cages of various sizes including a limited number for large dogs. While we strive to take animals in order, cage sizes sometimes preclude strict adherence to this policy. Our goal is to serve the maximum number of animals possible on a given day.

There is a strict limit of three animals per household per year.

Restraining Your Animal:

Upon arrival, all dogs and cats should be restrained by a leash or in a carrier. The mobile clinic does accept feral (wild) cats.  Feral cats must be brought  to the site in a humane trap.

Vaccination Policies:

Current rabies vaccination is required for all dogs and cats.  If your animal has been vaccinated against rabies, a valid vaccination certificate must be provided. Unvaccinated animals and animals without proof of current rabies vaccinations will be vaccinated against rabies free of charge. In order to get a Houston city animal license, you must present proof of a current rabies vaccination. The mobile clinic does not provide city licenses. Other vaccinations are not required by law but are strongly recommended. Please see our fee schedule (PDF file, Adobe Acrobat Reader required) for the cost of other vaccinations. The mobile clinic offers vaccinations only when an animal is being spayed or neutered. Payment must be made when services are rendered. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and cash. Effective July 1, 2011, the clinic will no longer accept checks for vaccinations and other wellness services.

Pick-up Time:

Once surgical procedures are completed and after full recovery from anesthesia, animals are discharged from the clinic the same day as surgery.  Animals are usually ready to be picked up between 4:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.   For the safety of surgery patients, no overnight stays are permitted.


Should any emergencies or post surgical questions arise, our medical team is on call 24 hours a day. Our Houston medical team may be contacted by dialing 713.255.4151 . NOTE: This number is for post-surgery aftercare ONLY. Please call the surgery clinic at 713-522-2337 during regular business hours for any other information.